Just Monkeying Around!

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Just Monkeying Around!

This week I was inspired to search through the Boolino library for books about one of my favourites, primates! There’s not many people I know that don’t like monkeys and apes so I thought why not see what’s lurking in our library and recommend my top five picks.

These books are just a handful of the ones available, and it’s a mixture of fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Hopefully there will be something in this mix to inspire your little monkeys.

The Great Ape Escape Ragged Bears Age 3-6 years

This is a story about a group of clever monkeys, led by Banana Bill, who one day decide to break out of their safari park. They build a car out of all the parts they’ve collected from safari tours and are soon ready to drive off on their own adventure. Each of the monkeys has their own little personality and they have lots of fun building the car. Having read this I am now wondering if all those monkeys pulling bits of cars in safari parks around the UK are also collecting parts for a reason!

Little Monkey Macmillan Age 3-6 years

Little Monkey is a wonderfully illustrated picture book that tells the story of the littlest monkey in the troupe. He’s always being left out of everything being so small, so one day decides to climb the tallest tree and go on his own adventure. It’s a lovely tale about discovering the big wide world and believing in yourself, and the illustrations are just captivating.

Primates Square Fish Age 9-12 years


This is a graphic novel that takes an entertaining and informative look at the lives of three great primatologists: Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas. It’s a very accessible introduction to these great researchers, who all made ground-breaking discoveries in their fields, and the graphic illustrations will pique your interest and perhaps inspire readers to want to learn more about the field of primatology.

Mad About Monkeys Flying Eye Books Age 9+ years


Did you know there are over 250 species of monkeys inhabiting our planet? This brilliantly illustrated book takes a detailed look at their behaviours, diversity, where they came from and how to identify them. It’s not only a fun and informative read, it’s a useful reference book for anyone wanting to further their knowledge of monkeys - at any age.

The One and Only Ivan HarperCollins Age 12+ years


Inspired by a true story, The One and Only Ivan tells of a mighty gorilla that lives in a small circus. Told as an autobiography, the story tackles the difficult subject of a wild animal being taken from his family and kept in a small cage to entertain humans. It’s a story of loneliness, empathy and the need to be in your own community. This is a very touching tale that will soften your heart and increase sensitivity to the plight of animal conservation.

If you are feeling inspired to read one of these books, do let us know what you think, we would love to read your comments.

Happy Reading! 

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