King Jack and the Dragon – Fantasy in the garden at home

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King Jack and the Dragon – Fantasy in the garden at home

This month  we recommend El rey Hugo y el Dragón, by Peter Bently, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury and published by Puffin Books. For children aged 2 and above.

King Hugo and his knights are building their castle from cardboard and sheets and they are preparing for combat, and even though they’ll manage to scare away the monsters, Iván and Marcos will be kidnapped by enormous “giants”, so Hugo will have to remain alone to defend their castle. However, the wind and a mysterious shadow will make brave King Hugo’s hair stand on end. Courage and tenderness are combined in this wonderful fantasy story.

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El rey Hugo y el Dragón is a fantastic ode to the power of the imagination of children who, with a couple of blankets, a cardboard box and a few sticks, can fantasize for hours. That’s all they need to confront and defeat dragons and all kinds of monster. A lovely book that shows us the everyday magic in the lives of children and how they view the world: parents who are giants, boxes that are castles, blankets that are thrones.

Reality filtered with fantasy, allowing us to see far beyond what we have in front of us. It allows them to fight against their fears and face dragons, monsters and, ultimately, the world. A universal story with an aura that summons the reader to a place for children, which is timeless and allows them to imagine other worlds, with knights and dragons, and to travel to imaginary countries full of monsters and adventures.

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