Kisses for everyone! Children’s stories about kisses

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Kisses for everyone! Children’s stories about kisses

A kiss is a universal demonstration of love and affection, shared by the old and the young. Kisses play an important role in some children's stories, such as The Biggest Kiss! by Joanna Walsh and Judi Abbot.

A kiss is a great universal sign of love and affection that brings together beings of every kind and character. Small and large, young and old, children and parents, all communicate using kisses, showing their closeness and their affection with this gesture. And, being such an important gesture in our lives, kisses are also the protagonists in some children's stories.

The Biggest Kiss! is a children's story aimed at very young children. Across its pages kisses of all types are paraded: unexpected kisses, kisses covered in lipstick, farewell kisses, kisses on the elbow, tiny kisses, good night kisses... A little penguin walks from one place to another observing the kisses given by elephants, bears, giraffes and earthworms —any number of animals that show their affection through a large variety of kisses. The youngest children will enjoy this tender story, with its sweet and colorful portraits of all these animals, and they will find their lives reflected in these pages, because these signs of love and affection seen being shared by all the different animals are exactly the same as those that exist between them and their parents, grandparents or the other people around them. Little ones will be able to share this heart-warming children's story, filled to the brim with kisses, love and affection, with all those people that they love and who take care of them.

The Biggest Kiss! talks about kisses as universal signs of warmth and affection, that are shared by and which change the lives of the old and the young. In this picture book, children and adults will find tender images which match their everyday lives as well as touching stories which will bring smiles to their faces.

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