LuvaBella Doll: The Must Have Toy That Will Keep You Up… With Fear

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LuvaBella Doll: The Must Have Toy That Will Keep You Up… With Fear

By Kirsty Finlayson

The new LuvaBella is giving people nightmares - what do you think?

We hate to be the ones to bring this up and we are well aware that we’re not even into autumn yet, but one thing needs to be addressed.

Yes, we’re talking about the C word… Christmas (we promise not to bring it up again until at least November)

Argos released a list of their Christmas predictions back in June which we quickly glanced at and put far, far to the back of our minds.

However, one particular toy has popped up on our social media radar in the last week, and you really need to see this…

LuvaBella is predicted to be one of the most-wanted toys of 2017 by Argos, and we are very confused.

The doll is ‘life-like’ and responds to tickles, movements, as well as dialogue. Her eyes open and close as she looks around and moves her face.

The reactions to LuvaBella are mixed with some people comparing her to Annabelle from the 2014 horror movie... 

“This doll looks like Annebelle's little sister! Who in their right mind is going to give this creepy looking doll to their child? I know 3 kids who will start crying and hit their parents with this thing.”

“Creepy -.- all it's missing is the lines and it could be a ventriloquist doll -.- creeped out… ”

Whilst other parents are already looking to secure their very own LuvaBella before her release date in October!

“I don't see it for sale anywhere...not even for pre-order on Amazon. Anyone?”


With the average parent in the U.K spending an average of £177 on each child at Christmas, LuvaBella will be taking up a large chunk of that total with her price tag of £99.

So, what do you think of the doll?

Are you one to spend loads on Christmas toys or would you rather gift your child with books and the joy of reading?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and we’ll pick this topic back up in November... 

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