Malala - Iqbal, books about peace

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Malala - Iqbal, books about peace

Iqbal and Malala give two examples of the overcoming of obstacles and the fight for children's rights; they are role models of dignity and willpower.


Malala is a role model for the overcoming of obstacles in her constant fight for her right to education and dignity. This young winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 was first and foremost a Pakistani girl who blogged about life in Pakistan under the threat of extremist repression and came to fame because of her defense of the right of girls to education, which had been prohibited by edict in 2009.

Malala - Iqbal is a "double" book that tells the stories of two Pakistani children who will be very inspiring to young readers. Iqbal denounced child labor and child slavery in Pakistan's carpet factories, whereas Malala, as we have already mentioned, fought for the right of girls to go to school.

This two-in-one reversible book aimed at children over 7 presents two role models to young readers and can be used in a huge number of ways: from education in values to understanding the lives of children of the same age in other cultures, not to mention the developing of a critical eye.

Books dealing with Malala's story will soon be supported by a documentary film which will be released towards the end of 2016, and which Malala herself will feature in. A role model for young and old alike, and a necessary drive towards the education of children all over the world.

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