New Fiction Express Books - November 2017

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New Fiction Express Books - November 2017

By Max Gayler

We're happy to present to you our brand new books for November 2017. At reading levels 6+, 8+ and 10+ we've got something for everyone.

After shaking the dust off with our first books of the year in September we're ready to hit our stride with a new set of books.

As usual, the authors have outdone themselves with some seriously creative books! In addition, this is the first set of books utilising the new 'Student tracker'. Using this tool you'll be able to see which students have read, voted and commented on each book - great for setting reading as homework.

To see the 'Student tracker' just head to your teacher panel and you'll find it at the left-hand-side of your screen.

Student Tracking Fiction Express So, without further ado, let's introduce our books for this term...

Galaxy Mega Spinners -Damian Harvey (6+)

Galaxy Mega Spinner Damian Harvey

Love 'em or hate 'em, fidget spinners made a huge impact in almost every school in the country. What Damian Harvey has done with the idea turns the arguably distracting toy into a captivating and exciting story!

Kizzy Brown just cannot work out what is happening in her hometown of Smallton. Everyone has gone crazy for a new kind of fidget spinner – even the teachers can't stop using them. When other strange things start happening, Kizzy suspects these Galaxy Mega Spinners are involved... but what are they being used for?



Five Days To Save Christmas - Alan Durant (8+)

Five Days To Save Christmas Alan DurantA Christmas story, but not as you know it. Alan's take on the Nordic tale of Krampus is something unexpected, but oh so necessary. Great in the run-up to Christmas.

It's nearly Christmas, but Arvin isn't feeling Christmassy at all. In fact, everyone seems utterly miserable. Then Arvin finds a strange note in his pocket and it starts him on an incredible quest. Not only will Arvin discover more about his own identity, but he will also discover a whole new magical world – a world where Christmas could be kept locked away forever, unless he can save it...



Alien Isle - David Macphail (10+)

Alien Isle David MacphailDavid has written a few books for Fiction Express, but none as important as Alien Isle. A setting very close to home for David but a subject matter involving something much bigger - refugees. We're honoured to have David writing this for Fiction Express

Parvaneh and her brother Nasim have just escaped their violent homeland. Separated from their parents, they end up on a remote Scottish island. Parvaneh tries to be brave, but she is scared. The island is the most alien place she could ever have imagined. She encounters an atmosphere of fear and distrust among the locals. Slowly she begins to realise that it is not directed at her: there are other newcomers here, and they are from a much more distant and frightening place than her own. 


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