One Christmas Wish Is On Our Wish List!

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One Christmas Wish Is On Our Wish List!

By Kirsty

One Christmas Wish is one of Bloomsbury's latest releases and it is the perfect Christmas Eve book!

Recently we sent a copy of One Christmas Wish to two of our blogging friends, Kelly Allen and Picture Taker Memory Maker. This is a truly unique book which will be read year after year during the December festivities. PS... We have a fantastically festive offer on this book right now!

Kelly Allen Writer's Review

"We read this book over two nights but I think it could easily be read in one session, at any time of day, it's just delightful. It's a really nice length for a cosy bedtime or anytime during the day, encouraging everyone to sit and read together whilst finding all the hidden gems within each illustration."

One Christmas Wish

"This book is simply delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it to George and Molly. We devoured the words and the beautiful illustrations and we were left wanting more (we're begging for a sequel please!)."

Check out the full review here

Picture Taker Memory Maker's Review

We have to point out that this was part of Ella's corner who wrote an amazing review for us. Ella is 10 years old and is an awesome little writer in the making!

"This book is extremely heartfelt and loving and tells of a boy who just wants some friends. It has a lot of powerful but not difficult adjectives which help to tell the story and dazzling illustrations which are so detailed and colourful. This is the perfect book for a young child to curl up with on a cold winter’s day."

One Christmas Wish Ella

"I would recommend this book for 6 to 8-year-olds but anyone with a good imagination and/or a kind and loving heart should read it. It will lighten and drain away any bad moods or expressions."

Check out the full review here

Get your copy of this heart-warming book now for only £8.99!

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