Our Favourite Halloween Books For Kids

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Our Favourite Halloween Books For Kids

By Kirsty

Are you looking for the perfect spooky story? Well, read on (if you dare!) – we’ve rated all these Halloween books for kids on a BOO scale, so you can find what’s right for your little ones! 

Boolino’s favourite Halloween books for kids

Scary Hairy Party BuyScary Hairy Party

Everyone wants to look their best for the Monster’s Party, but why has Raymond ruined their hair?!

A silly and sufficiently scary Halloween book for kids

BOO scale: A flying bat coming out of a cave and giving you a fright!


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Creak! Squeak! Halloween [Noisy Halloween]

Creep through the forests and visit the spooky castle, what’s making those noises?!

Five flaps and five spooky noises will delight your little ones on Halloween.

BOO scale: A stinky frog jumping into your cup of milk and leaving a trail of slime

Beast Of Bramble Woods BuyThe Invincibles: The Beast of Bramble Woods

Nell and Freddie are off camping and having the best fun EVER. But something’s hiding in the forest, it’s the Beast of Bramble Woods!

Are you brave enough to discover what’s going on in the forest?!

BOO scale: A creepy clown arriving at your Halloween party! 


Fangs & Feasts in TransrataniaGeronimo Stilton Books For Kids

Something is just not quite right with the people of Ratoff Castle... They're sleeping in the day and drinking a lot of red liquid.

Will Geronimo make it through the night?!

BOO scale: Hearing a rat scuttle under your bed at night! 

Spectre Collectors Book Buy

Spectre Collectors: Too Ghoul For School

Denzel is just trying to do his maths homework when the Spectre Collectors appear in his room looking to take him to their headquarters – EEK!

A fun-filled Halloween book for kids about fighting the Spectral Realm!

BOO scale: Getting a bag of sweets but there's a maggot inside of it - ARGH!


Curse of the Werewolf BoyMaudlin Towers: Curse of the Werewolf Boy

The School Spoon has been stolen and the Christmas holidays might be cancelled! Mildew and Sponge are going to solve this mystery, but why are there vampires, time-machines, and Vikings?!

A scary story that is perfect for Lemony Snicket fans, a brilliant Halloween book for kids aged 8+

BOO scale: Hearing a howl in the middle of the night, coming from your back garden - eek! 

The Graveyard BookScary Story For Children

A baby escapes a murderer who wants to get rid of his entire family. Bod grows up safely, for now, in a graveyard surrounded by ghosts and ghouls. But is the killer still out there?

A thrilling horror for Young Adults – we recommend this story for children aged 11+

BOO scale: Having to go down into the basement with a storm going on outside and the light goes off! For true scare-fans only!


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