Our Top 10 Kids' Books From August

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Our Top 10 Kids' Books From August

By Kirsty Finlayson

Discover our top ten best children's books from all of August! Filled with hamsters and horses as well as mysteries and witches...

Wow. Where did August go?!

It was a pretty great month for kids’ books so we have put together a list of the best kids’ books of August for you all.

We challenge you not to want to read every single one... 

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The 10 best children’s books from August

1. The Explorer

The latest novel from Katherine Rundell after her previous success with The Wolf Wilder.  A brilliant book about what happens when four children crash land in the Amazon. How will they get home? And what will they do when they realise that they might not be the first ones to arrive here…

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2. Breaking

What would you do if both your friends died? Would you think that you had something to do with it? Get sucked into this gripping YA novel through all its twists and turns. This is Stephen King for Generation Z.

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3. A Place Called Perfect

People are going missing and everything is looking a bit fishy. Violet is hearing noises in the night and her mum is acting pretty strange.  The Watchers have a secret. A Place Called Perfect questions reality and standards of perfection. Dystopia for under 12s!

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4. DKfindout! Coding

Coding is set to be one of the best skills for Generation Z to have. DK’s Coding book will set kids on the right foot and give them an overview of the world of computers.

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5. Hamster Sitter Wanted

The newly released Hamster Sitter Wanted will fill your bedtime with giggles and smiles. The cousins have come to stay and Marco and Polo have to look after them – URGH! Will they find a hamster sitter to look after the little ones?

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6. You Can’t Make Me Go To Witch School

Calling all young Harry Potter fans – this is for you! Daisy is sent to witch school, but she should really be at drama school in her ideal world. Can the reluctant witch embrace Toadspit?

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7. Clumpety Bump

Wally Wobblebottom has the laziest horse EVER! Clumpety Bump doesn’t want to do anything but Wally needs him to trot, jump and gallop!  A hilarious book from Maverick Arts, which will bring a smile to the grumpiest faces!

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Best August Books For Children

8. The Guggenheim Mystery

A holiday to New York goes badly wrong when Ted’s aunt is accused of stealing a painting from the Guggenheim. Ted needs to solve the mystery with his unique mind. An intriguing mystery book which was inspired by the late Siobhan Dowd.

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9. Perfectly Norman

This book will warm your heart. Norman sprouts wings one day but doesn’t want to show anyone. Can he hide them, or will he embrace what he truly is? This is a brilliant book for school starters to give them confidence.

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10. The Start of Me and You

Paige has rejoined the real world after losing her boyfriend in a swimming accident a year ago. Now, she has a list of things to do. Date, party…swim? A YA novel filled with characters that are actually realistic – a brilliant book for teens.

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