A pirate adventure tale

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A pirate adventure tale

A pirate story in the last installment of the Jack and the Dragon saga.

The characters in this story are the children from King Jack and the Dragon. Remember them? In Captain Jack and the Pirates, Jack, Zac and Caspar will have another adventure together; this time on a boat.

This is ultimate summer reading. The three characters are at the beach when their boundless imagination hurls them into a fantastic adventure filled with perils and intrigues. With their beach toys, they build a small galleon out of sand. When they take the galleon out to sea, they have to escape from pirates and avoid all kinds of danger.

A story that uses what we might call a well-known fact about children: with little – very little – they can play and invent an incredible story. At around 2 years old, children begin to develop a fantasy world, so when you read this story to them, you will be strengthening and enriching it.

Captain Jack and the Pirates is an adventure book, but most of all it's a story about the imagination and the ability to escape oneself by inventing new worlds. To inspire this, the authors have used one of the most sought-after themes for children this age: pirate stories, which combine adventure, travel, action and a completely different universe to the everyday world of children, on the high seas and in a far-off time.

The perfect book for any moment. Why don't you join Captain Jack on his next adventure?

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