Practice makes perfect

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Practice makes perfect

This month we wanted to tell you about the brilliant Early Readers collection from Maverick Children's Books. They have created 40 titles that have been book banded for guided reading according to the Institute of Education's twelve colour system.

Each of these books has been ratified by the Institute of Education, and given a colour to reflect it's level of difficulty. The Early Reader books cover colours pink to purple looking after KS1 reading levels.

Peck, Hen Peck! and Ben's PetThe pink and red books, the two lowest bands in the range, feature two stories in one book with a special introduction page before each story. This page contains a high frequency letter in both upper and lower case for children to trace with their finger, plus high frequency words to look out for and reading tips and a fun activity. The stories use decodable and phonic-based words, but are also fun and engaging with brilliant, bold illustrations. 

Izzy! Wizzy!The bands from yellow to purple each have one single story per book and introduce children to punctuation and non-decodable words through guided reading. The stories end with a simple quiz to help the reader remember and understand the story, a great little addition to these colour bands. 

The Early Readers collection is perfect for practising reading and building confidence in children. Not only can they be used in schools, they are also ideal for using at home too. If you would like more information on Maverick Early Readers, check out their website

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