The Rabbit and the Shadow, a story of friendship and companionship

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The Rabbit and the Shadow, a story of friendship and companionship

The Rabbit and the Shadow is a moving story that accompanies young readers as they discover friendship and companionship.

This is a story of friendship and companionship, where chance plays a very important role. Different characters, who are not connected in any way, are on a path upon which they have each embarked for different reasons. A path towards maturity, discovery and reflection.

Belonging to a group, the idea of friends keeping a secret and the opportunity to go on an adventure that satisfies their desire to discover the world and test their abilities are themes which young readers begin to discover and experience. It is also a book whose underlying theme is companionship between equals.

A companion is someone who shares situations, experiences and feelings. They are also a person who shares how they think and feel, so that gradually, in the future, bonds are formed which may replace the family as the core of support. You could say that, in a way, companionship is the opposite of individualistic and egocentric behavior.

Children of this age have already developed the commitment to support one another and help others, so a story about different characters whose paths cross, and who travel together and help each other is a story that they can really relate to. The Rabbit and the Shadow is an engaging and moving book, in which young readers will find stories about friendship with which they will identify.

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