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Reading Ideas

This week we decided to write a post inspired by our Pinterest board - Reading Ideas. We’ve been scrolling through the Pinter-verse looking out for pins with suggestions for how to encourage reading and have fun, either for little book worms or for those that struggle to engage with it.

Favourite Pins

We have three pins that are just plain fun! 

Jelly Worms









Article from BookBub Blog  A bag of Jelly Worms - a great snack for little book worms to munch on during story time. This has been pinned as a book club snack, but it would be just as good as a holiday reading treating. 

Book Shelf Silhouettes







Saved from  Cut out silhouettes from black card to liven up your book shelf! Maybe if you have a lot of books with a particular theme, use that to inspire your cut-outs. Let your kids help choose and make them so they feel like they really own that book shelf, another great way to encourage independent reading.

Blind Date with a Book







Saved from  While this is more of a grown up idea, there's no reason why it can't be applied to kids and teens too. Who doesn't like opening presents and getting surprises? Well not everyone likes surprises, but this could be a fun way to try something new if you know a reluctant teen reader, and even something that you could get their friends involved with too.


Book TastingAnother fantastic idea we found was all about hosting a book tasting. This particular one that we pinned from musings from the middle school is set in a classroom, but we've also seen ones that have happened in community centres, clubs and even birthday parties. If you're particulary creative you can theme the whole event around one particular book - for example a Mad Hatters Tea Party! 

How do I organise a book tasting? It's pretty straight forward, first you need to pick the book or books you want to introduce to your guests, then it's up to you how detailed you want to go. Try coming up with some games or quizzes about the book that will encourage your guests to want to read on. Give a reading from the first two chapters to peak their interest, and if possible supply some book themed snacks. If you have lots of time you might like to decorate your book tasting area or give out little goodie bags at the end. The sky is the limit really, and it's a great way to get kids and teens engaged in a new book.

Storytime Door HangerAnother great little idea that inspired us was this super-cute door hanger from Storytime Magazine. These guys are really working hard to provide gorgeous magazines full of lots of different stories each month and games and activities to accompany them which appeal to reluctant readers. This pin is just one of their many free downloadable activities available, so it's well worth having a look if you're stuck for something to do on a rainy day, or looking for a new way to inspire your little ones to be reading. The magazine format makes it far less daunting to read, but equally the quality of it is more like a book. 

Book Spine PoemThe last pin of the day is from Catherine at The Story Snug. Showing us you can have fun just stacking your books by making book spine poems. This is a good one for middle grade readers to practice their storytelling skills and keep their little brains motivated. It's like fitting together a puzzle!

We're always on the look out for new reading suggestions, so feel free to send us a pin if you see something good, or drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter

Finally, here are four links to some great activities that could be used in a book tasting, or just for something to do this weekend: The Beginners Guide to Bear Spotting, Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds, As Nice As Pie and Spy Toys. If you would like any more inspiration, feel free to comment below and we will drop you a message with some handy tips.

Happy Reading Everyone! 



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