Reasons we love Staying in on a Winter's Night

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Reasons we love Staying in on a Winter's Night

Days are getting shorter, it gets dark outside way too early, and winter is just around the corner. Summer's over, let's face it! But with the cold weather also comes good opportunities. Staying in with a hot chocolate and a cozy blanket, while reading your favourite book is just one of the advantages winter brings!


Here are some reasons why we love winter:

Reading new/old books all day

Read in your bed, on the couch, in the kitchen - read everywhere! How many times have you re-read some of your favourite books? You'll be surprised at how much value you can get out of books you’ve already read. You're probably more mature and you might see the same story in a new light. How about reading the books that inspired some of your favourite TV series or movies? It's usually recommended to read the books before watching the movie or the series, but we won't tell anyone! You'll be amazed at how the story changes and each character comes to life differently when you're actually reading the story and imagining them instead of watching it on screen.

Movie Nights

Movie series and marathons are one of the best things about winter. You can watch movies and series alone or with your friends and family, get everyone together with a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy staying in.

Look through your Old Pictures

When was the last time you looked through some old pictures of yourself? Old pictures as in, see if you can find all your baby pictures or the first day of school. You can take some time and reminisce about these great memories while listening to the same songs you listened to back then. 


Who doesn't love cookies! Well, staying in means more time to get cooking in the kitchen. What's your favourite dessert? Invite some friends over and attempt making that dessert. Your parents could also be a great plan B in case the recipe backfires!

What’s your favourite part about winter? 

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- the Boolino team

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