Are You Looking for a New Reindeer Story?

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Are You Looking for a New Reindeer Story?

‘Tis the season to read about reindeer! Reindeer are famous for flying Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve night, but what other stories do you know about these wintery creatures? 

If you’ve already enjoyed the escapades of  Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, then you are sure to enjoy two of our seasonal favourites.

The Reindeer Girl is a wonderfully wintery tale about a young girl, Lotta, who goes to visit her great grandmother and gets caught up in a magical adventure, travelling by sleigh and herding reindeer to greener pastures. But when a calf loses her mother, she’s in danger of starving and Lotta must help. This is a delightful story written by the author of The Snow Bear, and is sure to be welcomed this Christmas.

Lucy’s Secret Reindeer is a special story of friendship, secrets and kindness. Lucy writes to Santa asking if he needs her help, and to her great surprise and joy he has quite an important job for her - nursing his sick reindeer back to health in time for delivering presents. This book is filled with beautiful black and white illustrations making it a must-read this holiday season.

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