Boolino book review - Wishker

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Boolino book review - Wishker

This is a story about a magic wish granting cat. It teaches children that saying yes to everything perhaps isn’t such a good idea after all! So, if you have a little one that thinks life is unfair and they never get anything they ask for, this is the book for you! 

Wishker, by Heather Pindar, is just a rufty-tufty roaming cat but he can grant three magic wishes. That’s lucky for Mirabel who is feeling very hard-done-by. She never gets anything she asks for and everyone is always saying no to her. When Wishker offers her three wishes of course her first wish will be that everyone starts saying yes!

But after a while, eating ice cream all day and having a house full of friends, animals and circus performers gets a little bit too much and suddenly Mirabel realises there is some benefit in not always getting what you want. Wishker illustrationsOnce she wishes everything back to normal she decides she’s not very good at making wishes and that Wishker should keep the last one. But she does ask very nicely if she can keep that cat, and mum, dad and gran think that’s a very reasonable request.

Sarah Jennings illustrations will have the whole family laughing, and will capture little imaginations at story time. There are so many little details to spot whilst reading, you will want to start all over again as soon as you've finished. We think this will be a great addition to your book cases!

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