Little Robin Redbreast

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Little Robin Redbreast

Many birds fly south for the winter, but not little robin redbreast. Other creatures like to hibernate as the weather turns colder and the nights get longer, but the robin still carries on, and instead changes his diet so he’s not only searching for worms, insects and grubs but also feeds on berries that grow during winter, like those on a holly bush.

Have you ever noticed that robins are quite happy to be around humans? Perhaps you have one visiting your back garden. They like to be near anyone that might dig up the soil to reveal a tasty snack for them! They also like to hang around other animals, like wild boar, that move the earth around whilst foraging. However, robins are very territorial and don’t like other robins or birds coming near their home! There are times when you might see a little robin showing some aggression to another bird to defend his territory.

This season we have a lovely tale of a robins first experience of winter. Robin’s Winter Song is a heart-warming tale, perfect for young readers. This story is a must read for the winter, beautifully constructed by the talented creator of     The Dawn Chorus with delightful illustrations that help bring the story to life.

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