School's Out and Friendship is In

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School's Out and Friendship is In

New month, new topic! During July we are choosing to celebrate friendship month. Who doesn’t love July? It’s part of the summer holidays. Summer holidays that are spent with friends, going out to the beach, traveling, having picnics, and best of all, a whole month of NO school!!! 

During this month, we have decided to promote as many different kinds of friendship that we can think of. Some of our favourite friendships are: friendships in families; my pet, my friend; my best friend; teenage friendship; friendship adventures and making new friends.

As you all probably know, we love sharing our favourite stories with you all. And really, would we be starting the week off right if we didn’t? This week, we are all about how working together can lead to making best friends for life. Everyone will love reading about; George the giraffe is a friendly and very polite giraffe who lives at the Heavenly Hippos Wildlife Park with his friends. In this first book, George wants to join a new exclusive club formed by the penguins but unfortunately, the club is exclusive to black and white animals only. George has a plan to make up his own club and all the animals join in!

Want to find out more? Follow George and his friends in this fantastic new series!

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- The Boolino Team

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