Schools out for summer!

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Schools out for summer!

The school holidays are finally here, and that means six whole weeks of reading whatever you want! There’s no one telling you to write an analysis on a chapter, or asking you to share your thoughts on the symbolism of the secondary character. Now you can just read for pleasure! 

Maybe for the first few weeks of the holidays you don’t even want to pick up a book, and that’s ok because it’s always good to give yourself a break. Switch off, try something new, go on an adventure. But don’t forget to come back to reading, don’t lose your love of a good book and don’t forget that no matter what you are reading you are always learning something.

Teachers and parents will be worrying about the “summer slide” during these 6 weeks (which isn’t where you put out a ground sheet, cover it in fairy liquid and set the hose on it so you and your friends can go slipping down the garden!) studies have shown that learning levels drop over the long summer holidays and students are less productive in the autumn term. However, reading just 4 books over the six weeks will help you keep up your reading levels and engagement with learning, giving you a head start on the new term. Whether you are about to start studying for GCSEs, are going into year 7 or you are about to make the leap to sixth form or college, it still applies.

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So, our advice is, pick out at least four books and set yourself the challenge to get them finished by the time school starts again. It doesn’t matter what books you choose; whether it’s re-reading your favourite Harry Potter book, reading David Beckham’s autobiography, catching up on the latest fantasy novel from author SJ Maas or getting into Greek Mythology the choice is yours! From books, we take away emotions and experiences you might never have and these things teach us something and make us smarter.

At the end of the holidays you will have a great sense of achievement, and feel very proud of yourself for finishing the books, and hopefully will have enjoyed them too! Don’t forget to share your favourites with your friends; remember they might be struggling to find a good book and your opinion matters the most!

Have a great summer, and happy reading! 

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