Boolino book review - The Snugglewump

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Boolino book review - The Snugglewump

By The Boolino Team

Does this sound familiar - that one toy that you couldn’t be parted from, it’s old and ugly and could do with a wash, but you just can’t bear to be without it?

If you answered yes, then The Snugglewump needs to be on your wish list. Whether you remember as a child having a security blanket that you had to take to bed, or your children now have their own absolute favourites that if they go missing the whole world will fall apart around you, you will be able to relate to this wonderful new story by Lou Treleaven.

Lou has previously written the beautiful book The Snowflake Mistake, that we were big fans of, so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on The Snugglewump.

The Story

Molly has lots of lovely toys. They all compete to see who is her most favourite. Could it be Action Andy with his parachute, Alien with the slimy skin or Robot who beeps and zooms around the room? Poor old Snugglewump isn’t sure how he can compare, he’s soft and squishy and the other toys always forget about him.

So off he goes out of the cat flap and on an adventure outdoors. He gets carried along on a postman’s shoe, sneezed on by a rabbit and even falls in a puddle! Seems like he just can’t catch a break. Just when he’s about to give up all hope, Molly finds him and it’s a very happy reunion.

The Snugglewump is reunited with Molly

This is a charming rhyming story and the illustrations by Kate Chappell really compliment the characters and the story. We would definitely recommend this for a bedtime story as the wonderful lyrical lilt will help you relax and unwind after a busy day.

Another marvellous book from Lou Treleaven and Maverick Arts Publishing!


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