Spelling mistakes; they can be solved

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Spelling mistakes; they can be solved

Ensuring that children learn and adopt the rules of spelling and naturally put them into practice is not an easy task, it requires hard work and dedication, and it is often an uphill struggle.

Writing with a pencil and paper requires more concentration than typing and we no longer do it very much outside of school, which means a lack of practice that can make it harder to write properly.

Whether the problem is down to a lack of support or concentration, today at boolino we’re giving you some tips on how not to make spelling mistakes, because if you practice a little and pay attention to the words, it is possible to write without any mistakes.


1. Write in a diary:

You can give the child a diary as a gift and tell them that when you were small you had one as well. Explain to them that it is a place for them to write down anything that they think of: their experiences, their concerns or what makes them happy, and even tales and stories.

By doing this, you are not only encouraging children to practice writing, you are giving them a place for reflection, where they can think about the things that matter to them. As they write they will be concentrating and deciding what ideas they want to express, so besides giving them support, you will also be helping them to concentrate for longer and better.

2. Play a word spelling game:

Think of it as a daily activity, you don’t need to schedule it and it doesn’t take very long: at bath time, while you’re cooking dinner or when it's story time, you can shout out words for them to spell. If you treat it like a game, they can also suggest words for you to spell; if they see that you’re making an effort, they will get far more involved and they will enjoy spelling words correctly. For a few minutes, you'll make them think about words, concentrate and try to memorize them.

3. Play word chain:

Like the previous case, when you treat it as a game, it can be fun and doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. It’s also perfect to play as a family, on a car journey, during a rainy afternoon… The game consists of coming up with a word that starts with the final letter of the previous word: House – Elephant – Tiger – Red – Door... How many words can you chain together between you?

4. Play at rhyming words:

This is a slightly more complicated variation of the word chain. You have to make rhymes, but you decide the rules! Assonant rhyme, consonant rhyme or even free rhyme: lip-dip, bit-bet, lap-shape…

You can also play at saying a word that is in the same semantic field: Pencil - Pen - Ruler - Paper... 

5. Read lots:

And of course, the most effective way of learning to write well is… to read lots! It has been demonstrated that by reading they understand the right way to write words, and they also increase their vocabulary. So, what better gift than a book?


We want that these ideas help you! If you have more ideas for not make spelling mistakes, write us and we'll listen to you.


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