Spooky Stories

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Spooky Stories

Do you have one to tell?

Halloween is nearly upon us, you’ve got your costume ready, and decorated the house. Maybe you carved a pumpkin, and are planning on going out trick or treating. But will you be telling some spooky stories this year?


Sometimes it’s fun to use our imaginations to create a story that might make someone jump! Or tell a tall tale, that has everyone checking under their beds at night!

Why not try writing your own spooky story, and testing it on your friends and family to see if it works? Or for even more fun, tell a story with your friends; each take it in turns to make up one line of the story and see what happens. You can even make it a secret, write down the next line so no one knows what will be said until you read it all at the end! But remember, it’s only a story, so there’s nothing to be afraid of!

Have you ever made your own terrifying tale? We’d love to hear it! 

- The Boolino Team

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