A story about children's jealousy

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A story about children's jealousy

The New Small Person is a children's story about the arrival of a little brother and the jealousy the main character feels towards him. This book teaches children that life is full of changes and its charming story helps them learn to be accepting.

Elmore Green, a young boy, is the main character in The New Small Person. He's used to being the center of attention until a smaller child arrives. Then he sees how everybody starts paying more attention to his little brother and what's more, the new child invades his space and wants to spend time with him. An illustrated book to share with children who are experiencing changes in their lives. As the story unfolds, by means of empathy the two children finally manage to see eye to eye.

This book has many characteristics that make it very interesting to read with children:

  • It helps them to get over their jealousy: the story is ideal to read with children who are experiencing jealous feelings because they have been displaced in some way.
  • It helps them to accept changes: a book to overcome the comfort of everything being the same and accept the changes that come with life, learning to deal with them positively.
  • It's touching: the positive turn at the end when the children make peace puts us in the shoes of both the main character and his brother.

Lauren Child describes and draws the story of a classic situation between siblings with warmth, dynamism and emotion. Elmore Green discovers that if his brother takes over his territory, it's not because he wants to annoy him; it's only that, since he's younger, he finds his older brother fascinating and wants to be like him, so he copies him and tries to be by his side.

A very powerful book about the awakening of empathy, the ability to share and the discovery that together with others you can do bigger and better things.

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