Summer reading activities

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Summer reading activities

Today’s blog features some fun activities to do this summer holiday, that can help encourage children to keep up their reading during the break from school. Studies have shown that literacy levels drop over the summer, and it’s understandable when the idea of playing for six weeks is so exciting!

We hope some of these activities can help to encourage reading practice without it seeming like a chore.

This activity was inspired by a post we saw from South East Library. For Poetry Month in April they came up with a fun activity to get visitors creating their own poems - cut out words from newspapers and magazines. Poetry idea from South East LibraryWe thought this is a really simple but effective idea, that can not only be used for creating poems, but also posters and short stories. Children will have to spend time reading each word and deciding how each one can connect and what the theme could be. Perhaps they could create a poster for an event or attraction that you’ve been to or are going to, or make a short story or poem that they’d like to give to someone as a gift. This activity not only uses imagination and creativity, it also requires kids to think about what the words mean and how they work together – good for practising sentence structures!

Something for older children is writing fanfiction. Get your kids to write a story related to their favourite book. Whether it’s a spin off or an alternative ending, they will not only have to go back and look over the original book but they will have to think about how a story comes together and how it can be developed further. This exercise can also be done in groups if you have some friends that all love the same book.

Three Little Pigs StoryboxMake a puppet show or performance using your favourite fairy tale. This activity was inspired by Passionate About Play who posted about a story box they saw featuring The Three Little Pigs. Use a popular tale to create puppets and scenery to tell the story!

Finally, instead of organising a movie night with the kids, why not try a book night? Get the kids to decorate a reading corner, pick out their favourite books and theme the snacks to them! Kids can invite their friends along and each take turn to read an extract from their favourite book and talk about why they like it so much. You can even design a quick quiz and give out prizes to the winners! Here’s an example one that we created The Boolino Quick Quiz – which you’re welcome to download.

Do you have any plans to keep up your child’s reading this summer holiday? We’d love you to share ideas and suggestions to help inspire other parents! 

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