How to survive travelling with kids this summer

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How to survive travelling with kids this summer

By Marta

Traveling with your children this summer? Don't worry about the journey blues, we have the best tips to keep your children entertained!

Travelling Hacks: 5 tips for travelling with kids this summer


  1. Get your child ready with a fun outdoors book

Outdoor Wonderland will make your child eager to go outside and enjoy the time in the outdoors! This guide to having fun in the outdoors will make your child enthusiastic for traveling. 


  1. Play the classic game "I spy!" 

With Very First Things to Spot your child will be entertained during the long journey! Best for young kids who are developing their vocabulary, it will be a fun way of teaching them words to things they have never seen before. 


  1. Bring colouring or drawing books 

Our Travel Doodles is the perfect drawing book as your child can draw and then erase their little masterpieces! You can also make up games with your child such as drawing each other and laughing at the funny doodles. This will keep your toddler busy in those crucial moments in take-off on airplanes or during a road trip. 


  1. Travel with Moana 

Your child will enjoy watching Moana travel on a journey of her own, and then you can have your child read the fun Moana Magical Story to keep them enthralled in her story! Your child will love the idea that they are also going on their own adventure just like their favourite Disney princess. 


  1. Fight the Boredom 

With The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things to Do your kid can start planning ahead what you can do once the journey to your destination ends. This fun book will keep the boredom away and your child well-behaved as they imagine the fun activities ahead. 


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