Throwing a Legendary Halloween Party

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Throwing a Legendary Halloween Party

Top tips for party planning!

Everyone knows the best way to celebrate Halloween is to throw a legendary party with your friends. Follow these simple steps and everyone will be talking about your killer party!

The first step in throwing a party is to decide on a theme. The whole party will be based on this theme, so make sure to pick a good one! How about zombies, dead rock stars or your favourite scary movie characters? Remember, by choosing a cool theme, people will have a lot of fun getting creative with their costumes.

The next step, is to start decorating your house accordingly. For example, if you picked a zombie theme, you can turn your house into a cemetery with tombstones, freaky owls, bats and old tree branches. Drape cobwebs around the house to make it feel extra spooky and experiment with how many lights you want to turn on to make it more creepy! 

You’ll need some scary snacks to keep your guests from getting hungry. How about some skeleton hands? Try this: just take a few transparent plastic gloves and fill them up with popcorn and red gummies at the tips for the fake nail effect. You can also experiment with spaghetti and pink food colouring to make it look like brains! Check out for more creative and fun ideas!

Don't forget to plan your petrifying play list! There's lots of terrifying tunes like Michael Jackson's Thriller, the Monster Mash and the Ghostbusters theme. You might want to think up some fun Halloween themed games, like getting into teams and seeing who can wrap up their friend like a mummy, using toilet roll, the fastest! 

Now you're ready to host the best party - just don't forget your own costume!

Happy Planning! 

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