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Time to Play

April 6th marks the International Day of Sport for the Development of Peace and we would like to point out a few benefits of playing sports for your child's development.


Sports Improve Social Skills and Life-long Healthy Behaviours

Playing and participating in team sports and activities teaches and encourages your child to socially interact with peers. It fosters creativity through working together to acheieve an overall group objective. According to Elizabeth Jackson, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine, division of cardiovascular medicine, University of Michigan Health System, paricipating in team sports and exercise classes devellop leaderhip traits and increase empathy. Furthermore, these traits might also help devellop healthy life-long habits and behaviours.

"It seems that physical activity through team sports and exercise classes may have benefits beyond physical fitness. These findings suggest that children who develop leadership and empathy toward others are more likely to care about their own health, perhaps adopting life-long healthy behaviours that can prevent heart disease.”

Source: http://psychcentral.com/news/2010/03/15/physical-activity-helps-improve-social-skills/12120.html

Sports Increase Self-Confidence

Physical activity and organized sports can help increase self-confidence through setting and reaching objectives and constant improvement.  It appears there is also a link between higher levels of self-confidence and academic devellopement. According to Eileen Marchant, of the UK’s Association for Physical Education:

"physically able and physically competent often complements academic ability. It (sport) raises self-esteem and self-belief, and there’s an absolute correlation between believing in yourself and what happens in other areas of the curriculum."

Your child will benefit in numerous ways by incorporating an active lifestyle.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2330445/Why-team-sports-really-improve-grades-Link-self-esteem-better-performance-classroom.html#ixzz451uOoyBU


Create a Strong Bond through Sports and Play

Forget the ipad, the iphone, the videogames and TV. Schedule a few minutes per day where you play and have fun with your child. Play sports, go for a walk, play ball, play pretend, laugh, sing, dance, be active and have fun. Your child will love you for it. This “together time” is the basis for your relationship and bond with your child and it will help shape their personality and their values in the future.

Sports are a great way to boost your child's happiness and development while building a strong parent/child relationship. Remember that every second you invest in your child's development today is an investment in their future.


It's time to play!





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