Too Excited to Sleep

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Too Excited to Sleep

It’s that time of year again where children are getting more excited about the holidays, and the battle to fall asleep begins! There is so much to do in the build up to Christmas, with extra activities at school, visits to Santa’s Grotto and lines to learn for the end of term school play.

We have found some lovely little reads to get you through those sleepless nights this December, that can be enjoyed time and time again.

Daddy I Can’t Sleep is a delightful story about a little panda struggling to sleep, and his patient daddy trying to help him. Perfect for 2 – 5 year olds, or any panda lovers out there!

Go to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard is a hilarious tale about Joe and Ellie’s attempts at avoiding bedtime. Luckily, the new babysitter has some very creative ideas to try and get them to go to sleep! A must-read for children aged 3 – 6 (or any parents looking for new ideas!)

Goodnight World is a beautiful rhyming story with enchanting illustrations to accompany it. You will find yourselves drifting off together as you make your way saying goodnight to all the world in this sleepy bedtime story.

Do you have a favourite bed time story? One that always makes you feel sleepy? We’d love to hear your thoughts on trying to get to sleep this Christmas Eve.

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