Tummies will be rumbling!

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Tummies will be rumbling!

This picture book definitely comes with a warning, read it with a full tummy or make sure your kitchen is stocked ready to get baking after you’ve finished reading! 

The Bear Cub Bakers is the first book written by Caroline Baxter, and illustrated by Kathi Ember. It’s a wonderful little story about a group of young bears who have come to learn how to bake from the infamous Miss Betsy. They must Best Baker Prizecomplete lots of different baking tasks, much like the guys on The Great British Bake Off! They learn to bake a simple sponge, hearty pies, tasty bread, crunchy cookies and the big finale – a delicious picnic! There are lots of mishaps along the way, and the bears have fun making their different creations. At the very end, we learn who will take home the Best Baker Prize!

We really enjoyed reading The Bear Cub Bakers. It’s a really fun story that is perfect for those that love baking, and bears! The illustrations are incredibly Recipedetailed and we love how the text weaves through the pictures. Certain words and phrases are repeated on each page meaning children will be able to join in with the story and quickly learn the rhymes.

And, if you enjoy reading this and feel inspired by the little bear cubs there’s a really simple recipe at the back from Miss Betsy so you and your children can practice making Bear Buns!

Thank you to Big Sunshine Books for letting us review such a delightfully delicious book!

Boolino Team 

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