A Very Peculiar Christmas!

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A Very Peculiar Christmas!

Have you ever wondered about Christmas facts, stories and legends from around the world? Like why is Santa’s suit red and white, what is the snow in the snow globe made from and who is the terrifying Krampus? 

Well this handy stocking size book will answer all these questions, and all those you never even thought to ask! Christmas, A Very Peculiar History is jam packed full of brilliant stories, explanations and even yummy recipes, all about the yuletide season. It’s a source of endless information, great for dipping in and out of during the holidays, to provide all your friends and family, of all ages, with brilliant ideas and information during Christmas. This book takes you much further than the average mistletoe and mince pie, and delves deep into the weird and wonderful world of Christmas traditions. 

We would love to hear about your Christmas traditions,and if you get up to anything not so 'traditional'! And don't forget, if you've already read this book, feel free to leave a comment or review! 

- The Boolino Team 


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