Voorlezen, play and use your imagination to encourage reading

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Voorlezen, play and use your imagination to encourage reading

Children are constantly learning and if we also create an environment which encourages them to read from a young age, we’ll be stimulating their interest in books and therefore improving their literacy at many levels.

It’s no simple task to get a child to read of their own accord; but a love for reading is also something that is learnt and ingrained. With imaginative tricks and alternatives, children also discover for themselves that reading can be a fun and exciting experience. "For themselves" means here that they have to like the books, not just their parents.

What handy tips do we have for encouraging reading?

Only 3 for today; they seem simple but they require time and perseverance.



Sharing family activities based around the book. Riddles, songs and games with the characters can make reading time a fun time.




Create other stories and different endings to the book. Encourage your kids to think about the book and to try to find a different story, using a creative trigger that will help them to develop in different ways. All books stimulate the imagination.



Reading aloud…the kids too

We always recommend reading aloud. In Dutch and German there is the verb VOORLEZEN, which literally means “to read aloud”. Reading aloud creates a real family moment and facilitates communication between parents and children; but once children have started to read, it can also be fun for them to read to us. They’ll enjoy it and have fun and, if we ask them questions about what they’re reading, they’ll see that we’ve been paying lots of attention and they’ll feel important.



To finish, at boolino we recommend the following children’s books which will enable every child to find the type of literature they like best:

Una pequeña casa en el bosque (A small house in the forest) by Jutta Bauer published by Lóguez Ediciones (aged +1)

A story for babies, with small cardboard pages and a heartwarming story in pictures, with funny bits and short sentences to make it easy to understand.

The story goes through the seasons, which are warmly illustrated by Jutta Bauer, showing time passing in the forest and how the cabin gradually fills up with all of the characters from the story. A book full of symbolism that speaks simply of communion, solidarity and fraternity.

You can enjoy this story for babies together with other activities and games to make it more appealing, this month, with My little book box.

¿Dos ojos? (Two eyes?) by the author and illustrator Lucie Félix, published by Libros del Zorro Rojo (0-6 years).

Pre-readers will be amazed as they look at the pages when they see the pop-up geometrical shapes turn into different objects, flowers and animals. An artist’s book for pre-readers, based on experimenting with paper and surprises that will help children discover that not everything is at it seems.

Like life itself, the story begins with a few drops of water that the author has created using blue ovals and the first of the pop-ups; from there the author’s drawings and cut-outs move the story forwards. An original and colorful book that plays with shapes and colors in the same ways as authors like Hervé Tullet, focusing on an ingenious use of shapes as a way of surprising the reader.

A very simple storybook with very short sentences, appealing to a child’s innate capacity to be surprised, to the different way that they see things and to the fullness and freedom with which they can be amazed with what they have before them. 

There are many more, you just have to find the next book your kids will love. You can find it in boolino , the recommendation tool for children’s stories.

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