Ways to Stand up to Bullies

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Ways to Stand up to Bullies

Here are some tips to deal with bullies.

When someone is enduring the physical or emotional torment of a bully, it can be difficult to stick up for oneself. You may wonder if resisting will only make matters worse, and it may be too scary to ask for help.

Luckily, you’re not alone! There is a wealth of advice to be found on how to stand up for yourself. WIth the courtesy of Bullying.co.uk, here are some tips to deal with bullies:

Report the Bully at School

Report the bullying to a teacher or someone at school you feel safe with or someone you trust. They may be able to take action and get the bullying to stop. If you are worried that it might make it worse, perhaps you can ask the teacher to just keep an eye on it as they then might see it for themselves and take action.

Talk About It with Your Family

Tell a parent or a family member. This can give you lots of strength and a parent or family member can help you to get the bullying to stop. They can also give you lots of emotional support. It is important to try and tell someone in your family what is going on so you are not bottling things up. Talking about what you are going through can give you courage to get it stopped.

Be Assertive

Be assertive with the bully and say their name calling is boring or making them look stupid. However, it is important to ensure that this course of action doesn’t cause them to become aggressive or make the bullying worse. You may think a quiet chat with them when they are on their own might work, but if you do so, please take a friend with you for support.

Ignore them

Ignore it and walk away. Quite often the bully stops when they are no longer receiving attention or a reaction from the bullying. It is always difficult to try and ignore it especially when it is so upsetting or if it is constant but if they don’t get a reaction, it can stop.

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