What makes boolino different?

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What makes boolino different?

After criticizing the publishing industry for its complacency and slow speed of technology adaptation in my previous two posts, today I would like share with you what we, at boolino, are doing to help publishers to be more efficient in the online space. The strategy and services we are developing are the result of many years of experience in publishing in combination with constant trial and error since we launched boolino almost three years ago. 

In the constantly changing online world, continuous learning based on quantitative analysis is key. The loop process of turning ideas into products and services (build), measuring customers’ reactions and behavior (measure) and deciding whether to pursuit the initial idea or pivot, based on the obtained results (learn) is what Eric Ries calls “validated learning” in his lean startup method. 

What makes boolino differentWhen we initially imagined boolino in summer 2011 we had a clear vision of our ultimate goals: to improve the learning ability of children worldwide by turning them into enthusiastic readers and to create bonds between parents and their kids through the shared joy of reading. While the destination was pretty clear, the way to get there was an unknown path.

Today, after a lot of learning we have found our way not only to potentially impact the life of millions of children through the power of stories, but also to fundamentally change the way publishers are promoting their books online. What started out as a blog about children’s books will become the world’s largest online platform about children’s reading, creating significant value both for parents who want to foster reading amongst their kids and the publishing sector. 

For parents, boolino is a unique search and recommendation engine to discover online the best and most adequate books for their kids… in all formats, paper, ebooks and reading apps. On top we are developing products to foster reading at home, being my little book box the first model we have launched. It’s a very special product for pre- and early reading kids up to 8 years which combines reading in family and crafting activities with only one goal: make reading more fun! And this is just the beginning: the boolino platform will act as an accelerator for innovative reading and education services, which we can either develop by our own or in partnerships with third parties.

Helping kids enjoy reading is opening a door for them to a better future

For publishers, boolino is a marketing and communication platform to reach their target audience. Applying the persona methodology and big data analysis, we are offering a unique online marketing tool for content creators, with the ambitious goal to collaborate ultimately with all publishers. We are redefining how children’s book are promoted, searched for, selected and bought. We are the bridge between publishers and parents. boolino is the “Google” for children’s books. In addition, for our best clients we are developing personalized online strategies to promote their books and content, through the application of gaming dynamics, augmented reality as well as transmedia and crossmedia strategies.

But we are not only connecting online publishers with parents… we also want to create opportunities for publishers to meet in the real world… here you find some pictures of our first boolino summer night we celebrated last week in Barcelona.

By combining the leading online platform of children’s books with our internal knowledge in marketing, design and IT development as well as with our sector expertise, we can really make a difference.

Helping parents to find the best books for their kids – based on expert recommendations, user comments and technology – will foster children’s reading habits and skills. Helping kids enjoy reading is opening a door for them to a better future. If you want to join us in this amazing journey, let’s talk. 

Happy summer vacations, I am back with my next post on August 30.

Yours, Sven

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