What Makes You Think of Winter?

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What Makes You Think of Winter?

When I asked this question around the office this week, one of the first things said was scarves! It was an unusual response, and not one I was expecting, but it stuck and now here I am blogging about scarves!

However, I am of course not just going to write about how to wear a scarf this winter season (I would recommend around your neck to keep off the chill). I am going to tell you about some of our scarf themed books that I found in the Boolino library. When you’re looking for a new book to read this December, you might be tempted to go for the one about Rudolf, or the Christmas Tree, so here are some alternative winter tales that might just spark your interest, as they're not only about scarves, but about sharing, kindness, friendship and the giving and receiving of gifts. 

 A Scarf and A Half is a charming story about a little sheep who is disappointed after he receives a very long scarf as a gift, instead of the football that he was hoping for. Luckily, he has an excellent group of friends who help him to see the fun that can be had with the scarf. They turn his frown upside down, and in the end, everyone comes to play with the extra-long scarf. This book is beautifully illustrated, bringing the words to life, and tells a wonderful tale of how being optimistic and sharing can make any situation better.

Little Owl’s Orange Scarf has been described as “deceptively simple and decidedly sweet” by The Telegraph. A humorous tale about Little Owl who likes lots of colours, but doesn’t like orange, and especially not the itchy orange scarf that his mum knitted him and he must wear. After it gets lost on a trip to the zoo, Owl’s mum decides to let him help choose the wool for his new scarf. Owl is delighted to be part of the creation process and loves his new scarf! There is even a funny twist to the story when we find out what happened to the lost orange scarf. Another lovely story to prepare for gift giving season, although, perhaps a discussion about being grateful for the gifts we receive will be sparked by this story.

Finally, I have to mention the beautifully illustrated Extra Yarn which while it doesn’t focus on wearing a scarf, it is a wonderful and touching story. It's about a young girl that lives in a very grey, cold town and one day finds a box of brightly coloured yarn. She has great fun knitting for her and her dog. Soon she is knitting for all her friends and family, and transforms the grey town into a warm colourful haven. However, there is a villain in this story, that steals the box of yarn away and tries to use it for himself. This book is about sincerity, kindness and happiness, and shows us that these attributes cannot be made or bought but are found in your heart. A definite feel good read for when times get a bit tough and life looks a little grey. 

If you decide to read one or all of these recommendations, do feel free to let us know what you think. Don't forget you can comment on our blog, or leave a review on our website. We would love to hear from you.

The Boolino Team

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