What we are doing in Boolino

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What we are doing in Boolino

By Sven Huber

Boolino is the largest online children's books and reading platform; we are the link between publishers, creators and parents. We help the latter to find the best books for their kids to turn them into enthusiastic readers and improving their learning capacity. And we help publishers to reach their target audience in a segmented way, turning their online marketing activities in effective campaigns.

Boolino creates value throughout the whole book value chain, combining unique content with proprietary technology that we have developed over the past three years. We start with book-related content that publishers provide and enrich it with additional content from Boolino and online resources like bloggers, creating the most complete children’s book database.

This content in combination with our expertise allows us to create high quality book reviews, focused on our target audience of parents and young readers. On top, we are also sharing books with our network of partner blogs (currently over 300 blogs and YouTube channels), giving them the opportunity to share their opinions and reviews on the Boolino platform. We have developed an automated algorithm that identifies these reviews and links them to our content pages, providing visibility and online traffic to participating bloggers.

We offer other value-added services to publishers increasing their marketing efficiency and cross-channel promotions.

All the content we are creating influences our Boolino Index, a relevancy algorithm based on a regression analysis which ranks all books in our database based on objective and subjective criteria, taking into account page views, comments, (user generated) content as well as actions performed on each particular book.

On the other hand, our search algorithm and self-learning tools taking into account users’ browsing history allows us to highly personalize the user experience on our site, facilitating that each user easily finds the best and most adequate books based on his or her needs and profile.

All behavioral-related information of registered and unregistered in combination with big data analysis allows us to identify search and browsing pattern for each age group and customer profile.

Additionally, Boolino offers other value-added services to publishers to bring their point-of-sales marketing activities to the online world and vice-versa, increasing their marketing efficiency and cross-channel promotions.

Here you can download a detailed overview of our services. 

Yours, Sven

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