Who Is Geronimo Stilton?

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Who Is Geronimo Stilton?

By Kirsty

Sweet Cherry Publishing’s latest series is out now following the adventures of Geronimo Stilton. You’ve not heard of him before? Well read on and prepare to become a super fan... 

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Who Is Geronimo Stilton?

Geronimo is fabu-mouse journalist who lives in New Mouse City. He works for the Rodent’s Gazette (the BIGGEST newspaper in the city), where he is the editor.  If you want to know his real passion, that would be writing. Geronimo LOVES to write books about his escapades, and they all become bestsellers!

What Geronimo Stilton Likes

Geronimo adores his family and friends; this mouse has a lot of love to give. He enjoys playing golf, listening to classical music, and even collecting antique cheeses

What He Hates

Geronimo absolutely detests travelling. He gets air-sick, car-sick, bus-sick, sea-sick, you name it, he’ll be…sick! The one good thing that comes out of all his travels? The amazing stories that come with them, of course!

Where Does Geronimo Stilton Travel?

Geronimo Stilton travels all over the world, but let’s just focus on his first ten books for now! In the first volume of Geronimo Stilton adventures, he travels to the Pyramids, over the high seas, to the top of Mount Everest, to the jungle, and more!

Why You Should Be Reading Geronimo Stilton’s Books

Sweet Cherry Publishing’s series is absolutely perfect for reluctant readers. The books are just over 100 pages each and have brilliant illustrations throughout to keep younger readers entertained whilst reading a more “advanced” book.

We recommend the Geronimo series for children aged 6 to 10 for kids who love adventures, escapades, and animal fun!

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