Why we celebrate World Book Day

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Why we celebrate World Book Day

By Boolino

Books are the most powerful weapons. Books promote dialogue and social change. It is said that the the history of the written word is the history of Humanity. 

How can we promote books and reading?

Reading literacy can be learned; and early child learning is driven largely by imitation. That is why role models from parents are so important. Spending quality time with your kids in libraries or at home talking about books and stories is key to contributing to their personal development. 

Therefore, developing reading literacy is a path that children must not walk alone. Parents play a pivotal role in this, complementing the basis created in schools.

Why is reading literacy so important?

Reading literacy is the main ingredient for building up a child’s learning capacity. It’s the drive of school success, and of life-long learning. Without well-developed reading comprehension skills you can be excluded from today’s information society.

But learning to read can be difficult for children, for some children it’s even frustrating. Therefore we, as parents, have to make sure that we introduce reading as a source of amusement, pleasure and joy into their lives; and not an obligation.

Above and beyond all differences between educative systems across countries, this understanding is the key success factor for countries that are consistently producing the leading PISA results.

Reading and building literacy skills is a “never ending” process, just like the development of our personality. Therefore, when parents read to their children or with them they contribute to the development of one of the most useful habits for their future. But even more important than that, through reading, we help our children to become thoughtful persons who cannot be easily manipulated.

Reading is discovery and growth.



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