Winter Wildlife

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Winter Wildlife

We know lots of animals like to hibernate for the winter, but what of those that don’t? How do they adjust to the chilly temperatures and find shelter from the rain?

Did you know that autumn is a great time to prepare your garden to make winter easier for the local wildlife?

There are lots of easy things you can do, like hanging bird feeders and making sure you keep them clean and stocked full of food.

Frogs, toads and newts like to shelter through winter under plant pots and piles of leaves, so having a messy garden can be a great thing during winter! Scattering leaves around flower beds, and not cutting back the hedges too much can provide much needed shelter for the residents of your garden.

Don’t forget to put out fresh water, and if the puddles get frozen you can have great fun breaking the ice so birds can still take a drink!

Maybe you have squirrels come to visit your garden, they like to store their food for winter but it’s nice to leave them some hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds and they even like chopped apple and carrots sometimes! If you’re very lucky and have badgers living nearby you can help them out by providing a little bit of cooked meat, cheese or fruit – but remember, don’t leave too much as you don’t want them depending on you for dinner every night! You may have read our bonfire night blog about hedgehogs, they like to find places to hide and go to sleep, so be careful when you are playing in the garden that you don't accidentally disturb them. 

We have a great range of wildlife books to help you learn more, and don’t forget to go online to see what your local wildlife trust is recommending this winter. You might even pick up a few tips for how to help at School!


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