World Alzheimer’s Day: Books to help your child understand

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World Alzheimer’s Day: Books to help your child understand

By Kirsty Finlayson

It is hard to explain what is happening to our loved ones when they even forget their own names. Relax, and be as sincere as you can. Kids will understand it in their own way and with their own words...

There are thousands of kid’s books on the market that deal with a whole range of subjects, but one subject which is hardly covered is that of Alzheimer’s.

Over half a million adults in the UK live with Alzheimer’s and most people have seen the effects of the illness in a family member or friend.

Children often don’t know how to behave when one of their loved ones have Alzheimer’s. They might be sad that their Gran has forgotten their name, or they might laugh when Grandad leaves his keys in the fridge again.

The best way to approach the subject is by sitting down with your child and being sincere.

These children’s books about Alzheimer’s approach the illness in a sensitive and natural way - they are a great starting point for starting a sincere conversation with your child.

Children’s Books About Alzheimer’s

Children's Books About Alzheimer'sGrandma Forgets

This heartwarming story discusses what it’s like when Grandma forgets your name.  The little girl doesn’t understand why Grandma can’t remember everything they’ve done together, but soon realises that she needs to show Grandma how much she is loved.


A story for secondary school children which addresses many themes at once, including Alzheimer’s. Katie is 17 when her gran comes back into her life and brings chaos to the house. Whilst Katie’s life is turned upside down as her gran suffers with Alzheimer’s, Katie learn to love it.


Kid's Books About Alzheimer's

Oscar loves his Grandma, but she needs to go into a care home. Told through the little boy’s eyes, this story is realistic and answers the questions that children have. This picture book has a factual page at the end that serves as a conversation opener.

Grandpa Green

Another great picture book that describes what happens with Alzheimer’s. Grandpa Green is all about how a little boy learns about his Grandpa’s life through the trees in his garden and shows how his Grandpa hasn’t always been like this.

Dementia Diaries

A collection of real-life accounts from children who encounter Alzheimer’s in their family. These stories are adapted and are easily digestible for children who are 12 and over. Each story accounts for a different stage of dementia and comes with activity ideas and discussion points that eliminate any stigma that comes with the illness?

Have you found any children’s books about Alzheimer’s?

Please, feel free to share the titles with us in the comments.

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