Helen Davidson

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Helens' home at The Little Sanctuary reflects her happy childhood , having been raised to respect and love all animals and nature. Born in Durham to an English father and Flemish mother Helen has carried this love throughout her life, encouraging the same when raising her own family. It was of no surprise to Helens' friends and family that she would find the need within her to turn to writing to encourage all children to enjoy and grow alongside nature. Planting the seeds of nature in our children at an early age enriches their lives and gives them an understanding of the wonders and mysteries which are out there waiting for them.

Honker Pig

Helen Davidson, Yvonne Thompson

Honker Pig

Clear and inspirational, is the message Honker Pig gives out as the stories unfold, bringing into our world a set of wonderful lovable characters transforming not just their own lives but the lives of their companions and friends living in ...

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