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Sally Featherstone has a wealth of experience as a teacher, head teacher and a local authority adviser and inspector. In recent years, alongside her activities in publishing, Sally has continued to build a national reputation as a trainer and consultant in the Primary and Early Years field. Justin Ingham is a professional filmmaker and is the photographer for this series. He obtained his degree in film and television at the College of Ripon and York St John and went on to study at Keene State College in America. Kerry Ingham proposed and developed the series with Sally and illustrated all the artwork resources. She is a professional illustrator with an honours degree in Fine Arts.

What If We Had a Farm?: Book and CD-ROM

Sally Featherstone

What If We Had a Farm?: Book and CD-ROM

Another title in this inspiring series to support role play and imaginative work in the EYFS and Key Stage 1. This project book tells the story of what it's like to run a shop in photographs and provides a ...

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