Pamela Choules

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Born and educated in WATFORD, the author has spent fifty plus years in and around the area. In 2000 she and her second husband moved to NORTH WALES but in 2006,due to his ill health, they moved south again, this time settling down to semi-rural retirement in a village close to DOVER in KENT. Most of her writing is concentrated on adult fiction, her children's stories influenced by the imagination and observations of her many grandchildren, some quite amusing but always candid, as befits a child. Jotted down and filed away, they've accumulated over the years and, not wanting to lose the memories, she decided to put them together as a collection, the idea of publication spurring her on. With illustrations created by her grandson CHARLIE SMITH, who is presently at college studying media and all it's aspects, she feels her work is complete. It is hoped that people young and old will relate to the make believe tales, a little of the child ever present in us all.

Forgotten Clown

Pamela Choules, Charlie Smith

Forgotten Clown

As with most fiction, there is an element of truth threaded through, and these stories are no exception. Each tale in this collection is a reflection of everyday happenings, influenced by the imaginative reasoning of the many grandchildren of the ...

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