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Ann Bryant is the internationally published author of over 110 books, largely children's fiction, including the two very popular series Ballerina Dreams and School Friends. Wearing another hat Ann writes music resources for primary schools, including the award winning Teaching KS1 Music. Trained at the Royal College of Music, Ann taught music for over twenty five years, specialising in EYFS and KS1, as well as writing for numerous BBC school programmes including Something to Think About, Playtime, Let's Make a Story and Dance Workshop. She wrote the theme and incidental music for a series of thirteen pre-school children's programmes for the BBC called - Tales of Aesop. When she's not writing, Ann travels in the UK and abroad giving 'author' talks in schools, and leading music education workshops for teachers. Series creator - Sammie Luck After having completed a course in screenwriting, Sammie set up her own TV production company and was quickly successful in a co-production deal with a major independent. At the same time, she was also hired to devise numerous cartoon characters and their narratives to create and develop a brand new concept The Canine Corporation over the next two years. Then, she went on to create two TV formats for children, entitled Tales from Rosy Bay and The Dooby Doo Cafe. These projects were put on hold and has since enabled Sammie to recreate and develop these formats to introduce the iDoo-B-Doo concept.

Dolly Doodles and Her Adventures in Muddle-Puddle

Sammie Luck, Mike Spoor

Dolly Doodles and Her Adventures in Muddle-Puddle

Welcome to the land of iDoo-B-Doo, where hopes and dreams and wishes come true. In a fun-filled series of exciting new stories, join Dolly Doodles and her BFF (Best Furry Friend!), Tinkaboo in their special new club, the Doo-B-Doo Crew ...

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