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Extra Yarn

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Paperback / softback Edition 2014

A summary…

  • A little girl who cocoons her cold, grey town in joy and warmth
  • Annabelle discovers a box of brightly coloured yarn
  • A beautiful, timeless story and stunning illustrations

Review by Boolino

One day, Annabelle discovers a box with lots of brightly colored yarn and some knitting needles. Because she lives in a very cold, gray town, she decides to knit jumpers for her and her dog. But little by little she ends up knitting jumpers for all of her friends, parents, teachers, cats, dogs… and she even covers the houses and trees and, over time, she transforms this dull place into a colorful little town; the yarn never ends.

A modern tale with the feel of a folk tale, marvelously illustrated by Jon Klassen, the author of This Is Not My Hat, whose characters also appear in this story as a nod to the this illustrator’s fans.

A book about the sincere and genuine nature of children, something that you can’t buy with money. Annabelle is the embodiment of hard work, positivity and consistency, a heroine who can’t be bought, with an adversary who is villainous, evil and impure of heart. This tale tells us that, at the end of the day, wool - in other words color and happiness - is found in the heart, not in a box.

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Synopsis by publisher

This is an extraordinary new picture book about a little girl who cocoons her cold, grey town in joy and warmth...and brightly coloured yarn! On a cold, dark day in a dull, grey town, little Annabelle discovers a box of brightly coloured yarn. She knits a cosy jumper to keep herself nice and toasty warm and finds, to her surprise, that she still has yarn left over. So she decides to knit her dog a jumper too but - hang on a second - she STILL has extra yarn! Annabelle knits and knits and, soon, she's blanketed the entire town in a rainbow of colour, knitting away the dreary iciness that grips it. Her prodigious status spreads far and wide. It doesn't take long for the evil Archduke to set his beady eyes upon Annabelle's magical box of yarn but, little does he know, you have to have a little bit of magic inside your heart for it to work...This is the perfect marriage of a beautiful, timeless story and stunning illustrations from a dream duo, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen. Jon Klassen was named a Caldedcott Honor Recipient for his illustrations for this book. Rising star Jon Klassen's debut picture book, I Want My Hat Back, was listed as one of the New York Times' Best Illustrated Books of 2011. You can keep your eyes peeled for a very familiar-looking bear in Extra Yarn!

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Book details

Mac Barnett (19)
Jon Klassen (20)
Walker Books (+1000)
6-8 years
Paperback / softback
255 x 216 mm. 198 g.
picture books, stories, illustrated books
imagination, perseverance, snow

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