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Hardback Edition 2017

A summary…

  • A fascinating mix of topics which includes seasonal and daily facts
  • Fatti Burke's illustrations really make this book special
  • An on-trend, full-colour, large book for the little ones


Explore a world of topics, from hilarious animals to unbelievable-but-true science facts, mind-blowing space stats, to incredible human achievements. Discover a fact for everyone, every day, in this book. Did you know that Ancient Romans used wee to whiten their teeth, and to do their laundry?

Or have you heard of the parrotfish, which covers itself in a cosy, thick layer of its own slime before it goes to sleep? 

Why not celebrate New Year's Eve like the Estonians: tuck into seven meals to give you strength for the year ahead. Delicious!

It's most important to know that you should never shake hands with a bushbaby: the animals pee on their paws so that they leave a smelly trail wherever they go. Find out all this and much, much more, with enough facts for even the most curious reader.

Also includes seasonal and 'on this day' facts for added curiosity and fun, plus a completely random mix of everything else you can imagine. These facts are brought to life with stylish, full-colour illustrations from Fatti Burke. Her charmingly beautiful artwork makes this a book to keep coming back to.

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Tracey Turner (55)
Fatti Burke (3)
Bloomsbury Publishing (+1000)
6-10 years
knowledge and current topics, non-fiction, edad de interés: a partir de 6 años

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