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Paperback / softback Edition 2015

A summary…

  • How our presence affects nature
  • Illustrations with a dreamlike quality
  • Nicky Singer is a writer with an established career

Review by Boolino

In recent decades we have become environmentally aware of global warming. It may not be a palpable truth, but it is gradually affecting us more and more. Island is a book which deals with one of the specific effects of global warming; the melting of the Arctic Circle.

This novel is like a play, where the central characters are the ice, a polar bear and the struggle to preserve this natural space, which is inhospitable for humans but is the home of special species of animals. So this book explores the conflict between scientific and metaphysical truth, through the presence of the person who arrives at the Arctic Circle. The author examines how the actions of a person not only affect the physical realm but also the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions; in other words, how the tracks we leave behind us go far further than we imagine. She complements this central theme with mankind’s exploration of the environment and the power of her narrative.

As well as creating this non-implicit interaction, Nicky Singer creates a language which is precisely what gives her narrative its power, encouraging communication and curiosity to learn. Although at first it may appear that there is no action in this book, you gradually discover that it opens up your mind to a new concept of reality and your relationship with nature. Singer also dispenses with the cliché that “children only read adventure stories full of action” to show us how to give a child a sense of belonging.

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Synopsis by publisher

Urban teenager Cameron arrives on an uninhabited arctic island. He is prepared for ice and storms and (stripped of his smart technology) possibly boredom. He is not prepared for 24 hour daylight and erupting graves. At first Cameron believes the explanations of his research scientist mother. But – as the island reveals itself to him – he begins to see (and hear) things which push him towards a very different reality. One of them is an Inuit girl. The other is a large white bear.

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Book details

Nicky Singer (4)
Chris Riddell (135)
Caboodle Books (45)
10+ years
Paperback / softback
129 x 298 mm.
nature, environment, science, friendship, adventure, trust

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