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Knitbone Pepper. Ghost Dog


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Hardback Edition 2015

A summary…

  • A scary but touching story
  • A dog that will do anything for his owner
  • A spooky haunted house

Review by Boolino

When Knitbone woke up that day he had a weird sensation. Everything seemed normal, apart from the fact that he was shut inside Winnie’s wardrobe, he felt oddly light and young, without any of the aches and pains that he had felt in recent years. After the previous night’s visit to the vet it seemed that everything was going to be better… But Knitbone soon discovers that something strange is happening because his owner, Winnie, is sad, she’s crying and she’s ignoring him. He tries to cheer her up and make her laugh, but nothing works. He eventually discovers that something really serious is happening. Knitbone is dead, he’s a ghost, and the humans can’t sense his presence.
The following week he receives a mysterious note under the door of the wardrobe which tells him to come and meet in the barn… and there he discovers the rest of the house's ghosts, the pets of the Starcross family who have lived in the house since time immemorial.
But great danger is looming over the family and the house. The town council wants to evict the family and there’s no way that the ghosts of the house are going to let that happen. They are linked to Starcross Hall and they're not going to let strangers who they don't know move in.
The craziest of adventures, using scary tactics, frights and making themselves noticed will now become the goal of these ghost pets that are fearsome and terrifying yet kind and endearing at the same time.
The start of a series that will bring us lots of surprises, frights and laughter.

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Synopsis by publisher

Knitbone Pepper is a friendly ghost dog, haunting the crumbling Starcross Hall with a gaggle of other ghostly pets. But when he discovers that the Hall is up for sale and his beloved owner, Winnie Pepper, and her madcap parents must leave their home, he smells a rat. Can Knitbone and his ghostly gang of animals help Winnie save Starcross?

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Book details

Claire Barker (7)
Ross Collins (53)
Knitbone Pepper (3)
Usborne Books Publishing (+1000)
8-11 years
134 x 184 mm. 470 g.
tales about animals, stories
scary, humor, adventures, ghost dog

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