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My Evil Twin Is A Supervillain



Paper Back Edition 2017

A summary…

  • Luke is furious that Stellar has turned up!
  • Luke out! It may be the end of the universe...
  • The third title in this hilarious series!


When Stellar, Luke’s super-powered twin from another dimension, crash-lands Zorbon’s ship in IKEA, it’s not just Scandinavian furniture that’s put out of joint. Luke is FURIOUS when Stellar turns up at his treehouse and starts to recruit Zack for a superhero mission back in his world to defeat Gorgon the World-Eater. Who does he think he IS? Luckily for Luke, Zack’s got some mocks that he’d really like to take before saving Stellar’s world, so Luke has time to investigate his almost-definitely EVIL twin’s true purpose. What Luke reveals is even more villainous than he suspected, but worse, it seems that two Lukes are definitely NOT better than one and their proximity is unwittingly playing cosmic Jenga with the very fabric of existence. Luke out! It may be the end of the universe…

Extract: I sidled closer to Serge and whispered, “Are we quite certain he’s not an evil robot double?” It was a reasonable question. We’d barely had time to catch our breath since running into a cyborg imposter in the course of thwarting an alien invasion last month. Serge sighed. “We have been through this, mon ami, he is the real thing.” I bristled with indignation. “I beg your pardon?” “You are the real thing, of course,” stuttered Serge. “But he is also the real thing.” I grunted and stuffed a goujon into my face. “Well what’s he doing here?”

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David Solomons (3)
My Brother is a Superhero (3)
Nosy Crow (353)
8+ years
Paper Back
funny stories, adventures, stories, fiction

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