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So You Think You Know About Tyrannosaurus?

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Paperback / softback Edition 2018

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Fun, funny and informative, Ben Garrod's So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs? series does for dinosaurs what Terry Deary did for Horrible Histories. Highly collectible, pocket size series launches with Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus and Triceratops. Did you know that T.Rex are not green and scaly, but ginger and feathered, or that dinosaurs didn't roar, they cooed like pigeons, or that the ultimate prehistoric predator is actually not a dinosaur? It's a . . . TV scientist Ben Garrod is proud to be a geek as he mixes hard science and humour to prove that science is for everyone. All children know their dinosaurs but Ben encourages them to think differently, revealing how new discoveries and breakthroughs occur in science every day. By looking at the evolutionary arms race, prey, predators, place, time, groups and species, Ben tells a story that reveals new-look dinosaurs.

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Ben Garrod (3)
Zephyr (7)
First edition
dinosaurs, nature


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