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Storytime Magazine Animal Bundle



Edition 2016

A summary…

  • Ideal for inspiring a love of reading
  • Animal lovers, this is for you!
  • Packed with stories, illustrations and puzzles to keep them busy!

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Perfect for animal lovers, this Storytime collection features some of the most popular tales starring our furry and feathered friends, including The Hare and the Tortoise, the Three Little Pigs, Henny Penny, and Bambi.

Hare and the Tortoise – also includes The Owl and the Pussy-cat, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Perseus and Medusa and The Fairy Bride.

Three Little Pigs – also includes Black Beauty, Town Mouse and Country Mouse, As I Was Going to St Ives, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Magic Harp, and The Wooden Bowl.

Henny Penny – also includes The Crow and the Pitcher, Brer Rabbit, The Children of Lir, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, The Changelings, and The Water-Babies.

Bambi – also includes How the Jackal Fooled the Lion, Diamonds and Toads, The Wise Folk of Gotham, Hiawatha’s Childhood, Dolly Daydream and Odysseus and the Cyclops.

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  • Storytime is the UK’s only story magazine, enjoyed by thousands of children, parents and teachers all over the world. Every issue of Storytime is packed with classic tales to read, love and share. It’s a perfect way to spend a little time each evening enjoying some brilliant stories with your child, and to inspire a love of reading. Each issue of Storytime contains fairy tales, poems, myths and legends, fables, folk tales, taken from around the world, and an introduction to a brilliant book, plus gorgeous illustrations, and fun puzzles, games and activities. They’re printed on good quality paper, and have no adverts, and no plastic toys, just wonderful stories for you to enjoy.

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